I Am A Hungry Vampire!

I have corneal abrasions... which hurt! A lot! And the eye is supposed to be the fastest healing part of your body... which it is... except when you think you have allergies or a bacterial infection so you treat it with allergy and antibiotic drops when you need a steroid drop to remind your eye that it needs to get better and allow you to see!

My eye has been bugging me for awhile, but since Sunday I have been unable to see consistently. And completely unable to drive. My eye was having spasms (made worse by light) that would uncontrollably shut my eye lid. My eye watered like Niagra Falls... and it burned... oh it burned! And it made me have a heache and feel sleepy. I would sleep for 10 hours and take a 2 hour nap. Basically it is hard to wake up when you feel like you can not open your eyes at all!

And you know it is bad when the doctor says you have problems in BOTH eyes and when he goes to diagram it on the outline of an eye on the computer he moves the mouse all over the cornea diagram and clicks, clicks, clicks away!

Luckily within an hour of putting in my eye drops I noticed a big difference. It was like a miracle. And today my eye lids are still a little swollen, but that is it!

But I had to go to a follow up appointment today with the eye doctor... where he dialated my eyes... which turned my blue eyes black... and made me look like a hungry vampire:

It is more shocking when it is your own reflection because you are used to seeing yourself in the mirror in light... so to see my HUGELY dialated pupils was weird for me!
Now I have to wear my glasses for a long time... which I dislike because I am not the cutest in glasses and the lenses are scratched up, so everythign has a haze of it. Oh well... if I must I must!

I had to wear the sexy temporary glasses that barely stay on your face, much less over your glasses. Then the dialation drops started wearing off unevenly while at work. So hopefully me customers did not get scared away thinking I was on drugs because I looked like this:

The good thing is you can walk to my doctors office from SouthPark Mall... so I had Cheesecake factory for lunch because the wonderful Granny watched the kiddos. So me and Levi had a early mother's day treat for me! Thanks Granny!