That's My Girl!

I went to Williamsburg with the kiddos to see family and to have a little vacation! We stayed for a week and it was GREAT! We could fish when we wanted, swim when we wanted, ride the ferry, go to parks, pick blueberried, visit family... good times!

One of our favorite things to do was go to my Grandparent's dock and the kids would swim while 2 would take turns fishing! I was really suprised who my most dedicated fisher was...


From a young age I have always loved to fish, was never scared to hold a fish, and would play with the worms...

turns out... Jovie is a chip off the old block!

Everytime she would catch a fish she would talk to it and then inform me it told her that it did not want to go back to the water, but rather, it wanted to stay with her. Then I would haveto inform her that because she cares so much for this fish she knows it needs water and it's mommy and daddy to live. She needed to explain to the fish what was best... so she would get close to the fish, explain the situation, and then lovingly throw it back to go home!
We caught A LOT of catfish. I was one busy (and slimy) mommy trying to keep up with the unhooking and baiting. Big and small. As soon as we threw out, we would hook one. I had to take a picture of Jovie with every fish she caught. Since she could not hold the catfish, I would hold it for her!

And when it was too big for me to hold it and the camera, I would put it on the dock and she would get beside it and wiggle back and forth in her best fish out of water impression.

And sometimes, she would hold the string! She was very brave!
And when she was not fishing she would play with the worms and if someone did not take their turn she happily took it for them! When did she get so big? I love my fisher girl!