The Annual Charlotte Jeppson Nativity!

Here is some pictures of the nativity and then the kids eating! I forgot to take pictures of the food, but it was fabulous as always! Katie made her famous Cornish Game Hens! The costumes were great! The nativity looked so cute! Why wouldn't they? They are the cutest bunch of kids in the world! Here is the Cast of the Nativity:

Gabe- Wise Man
Nolan-Wise Man
Santi- Shepherd
Callie- Angel
Evan- Not Pictured (he was very tired)

It was super cute! It was hard to get them all to stand still for the photo shoot because the oldest is 51/2, but we got a few cute pictures in there! Then, after that we had the feast... yum! Katie also made a home made cheesecake... a chocolate one at that! She put all women to shame... she sewed costumes, cooked Game Hens with Chad, and made a Cheesecake, and had a clean house! Katie is my hero!

Colin & Gabe are such cuties! They took good pictures together! Colin was a very good Joseph! He sat there, smiled for the camera, and was well-behaved the whole time!

And of course... Lettie managed to spend quite some time in her underwear! That girl! It is hard to keep pants on the child! Merry Christmas everyone! I will share some pictures of our Christmas later!

The Best Mary Ever!

When Katie said she was going to "Cast" Jovie as Mary in the annual Charlotte Jeppson's nativity... all I said was "are you sure?" Why? Because, Jovie is my wild child... a free spirit so to speak!

She climbs couches, wrestles anyone, is quickly learning to run! Getting her to sit still is sometimes near impossible, and so getting her to sit, hold a baby Jesus, and look innocent and sweet for pictures concerned me a little! I did not want Katie's nativity to be ruined by a 1 year old who is clenching her fists tight to her side and screaming red faced at the top of her lungs because you are making her do something she does not want to do! Jovie does what Jovie wants to do!

Now I repent for ever even thinking those thoughts,because she was

She sat there so sweet, holding her baby Jesus, wrapping him up, looking at Joseph (aka Colin), and posing so well for the camera! She also was so cute walking around in her long light-blue costume! She could only take small steps at a time because of its length, but it did not bother her one bit! She would not wear the head scarf, but other than that she was a great little Mary! Thanks Katie for believing in my Jovie! I was such a proud momma!


My Hoochie-Momma Angel!

Callie made such a pretty Angel during the annual Charlotte Jeppson's nativity! Big props go out to Katie for the costumes and organizing the whole thing! It really turned out SUPER cute! So, I have a lot of pictures from the nativity, so I am organizing them by "subject"! So, look for more pics of the nativity to come soon. The first subject of discussion is Callie's angel outfit! When first put on her, it looked great... but then as she crawled the fabric would bunch up in between her legs and give her a Romanesque Hoochie-Momma type look! She looked a bit like the head muse on Hercules (the one in the middle of the picture with her hair pulled back and with lots of curls). She looked pretty in it though, like a little angel, and I thought it was a great outfit! Next year I should steal the fabric from Katie and make all my girls Roman godesses for Halloween!

I like Brown...

and I like light blue... so for those who have been checking in on my blog the last few days while I have been trying out different formats and seeing it in different colors and templates, I am done now, I think... I think I am going to stick with the brown for now! So, do you like the color scheme?


Good thing they are non-toxic & washable!

I suppose there is no need for too much explination! Nolan was coloring with markers, and Jovie felt she needed to taste them or should I say chew on them! It washed right up... whew!

I love how she still poses for the camera with her sweet smile even though she knows she was into something she should not have been!

She is such a wild one!


Happy Birthday to the AWESOME ASHLEY!


Her Own Sense of Style!

Lettie makes me smile! She is just her own little person and she is so sure of herself and so confident! She has had her own sense of style, even when she was just a little thing! This comes across in the way she dresses. I hope she is always this way! She loves to dress herself. I usually let her get away with it as long as it is not too bad! Daddy usually makes her change if we are going in public. I love to see some of the things she comes up with! So, here is a little sampling of what you might see Lettie wearing at any given time:

In her younger years! She was a wild child!

Nolan used to always lead a dress-up game with Lettie. They would go into my closet and put on whatever they could get their hands on! Here she is in my shirt, with my skirt draped over her shoulder and trying to wear Daddy's airsoft protective glasses!

Sometimes she and Nolan are very sharp dressers!

It was Dizzie's birthday (according to her) so of course she had to dress in her finest fare!

Not only does she dress up pretty, but she dresses Kanga too! For Christmas she is getting some dress-up outfits for both her and Kanga (gotta love the Target after Halloween clearance)!

One of my favorite pictures of Lettie! She put on every single accessory she could possibly muster! She even topped it off with Aunt Christie's hat and high heels! The only thing is she forgot to actually wear a dress! This picture is the pinnacle of "Lettie-ness"! She is channeling her Granny Lettie's spirit in this get-up! My Granny Lettie was a prissy thing!

See, such a princess!

Her outfit she put together to pick Nolan up at the bus stop! Sweat pants and everything!

She has gotten a lot of use out of the hats you made for us Aunt Christie! She and Dizzie went to Nolan's school like this! They matched... how sweet!

All the kids were playing dress up! Most looked like princesses. Lettie ended up being some wacked-out fairy bride!

Yep, "Here Comes Trouble" all-right! I asked her to get dressed for the store and she insisted the Minnie ears were a must-have! Along with a skirt where the embroidery does not match and black shoes!

Poor thing has no tail... so when she starts running around, this is what you usually get! I did not realize she looked like this until I was posting the pictures on Shutterfly! Like the rain boots? She wears them whenever possible! This day was a very warm and sunny summer day, but she insisted the rain boots looked pretty, so I let her wear them!

So, which is your favorite Lettie get-up?

I love my little fashionista!