Just Simply the BEST Thing Ever!

I am a little late on this, but 2 Saturdays ago (5/23/09), I got to see my farvoritest band ever!

Toad the Wet Sprocket!

Right here in Charlotte!

They do not record together anymore and they just tour from time to time! And since moving from Virginia, they always seem to never come to NC, but ALWAYS come to Virginia. I wish they could come together and create some new stuff, but alas, in talking to the guys basically it is never going to happen!
My dear sweet husband got me the ticket! He heard they were coming before I did! I have no clue how that happened!
I had a 3rd row center seat! For some reason the 4 seats in front of me were empty, so it was as good as having a front row seat! The set was great and they sounded amazing! I got the set list afterwards and stuck around and had the guys all sign it! Basically there are very few shows I go to that I do not stick around and meet people. I do not get out much and it sort of makes the event last longer!
I talked to Todd a lot. Then I went out and talked to their tour guy Joe Lyons about t-shirts of all things. He sells the shirts and I need to get some printed up for the business, so we discussed shirts and business start-up and what not! He owns a place off the beach in Santa Barbara http://www.beachbreakcafe.com/ . Nice guy, fun talking to him!

Got to talk to Glen about his other projects. I still do wish it included some more Toad stuff, but alas, I will just have to find comfort in the fact that they still tour now and then!
Anyway, here are 2 videos I took during the performance from my camera and some pictures because I know you guys reading this are just so highly interested! I promise my next post will have something to do with my kids and not just music!

One of my favorite Toad songs called "Windmills". Love the melody and guitar on this one!

Good Intentions! A nice fun song!


Lead Guitar- Todd, Bass- Dean

This is Joe! He always has a cowbell solo! He has toured with them since FOREVER!
All the Toad fans know Joe!

Who knew Christie would find me a Death Cab for Cutie Slick Deal?

So I mention on the diet blog that my next reward will be a Death Cab for Cutie t-shirt! Low and behold today Christie finds me this:

A Death Cab For Cutie Slick Deal: Their newest EP of 5 songs for only $.99

She said she never heard of them, but low and behold right after I mention it, there it is on slick deals! I had not bought it yet because it is not in any of the stores I go to and I do not want to pay $5 plus shipping because I am a lot cheaper than I used to be!

BUT... I fell in love with their song Little Bribes, which is about Vegas, through a video with the song a fan made! If you are so inclined, check it out here. If anything it is cool to see the neat stop motion effects the guy uses. He is a film student in LA and did it just for kicks, but it is pretty cool!

So, within a couple minutes of getting her e-mail I downloaded it and am a happy girl :)!

I really need to start finding bands that do not have weird and/or death metal sounding names.

-Toad the Wet Sprocket
-The Killers (sounds like a death-metal band, but nope)
-Death Cab for Cutie
-Queen (although a group of guys)

My mom would always sort of sigh and roll her eyes when telling people about what concerts I was going to. "Smashing the Pumpkins". Especially when she mentioned that I really liked "Toad the Wet Something".

A guy on the slick deals board told this story that sums it up perfectly:

I remember listening to Death Cab at work like 4 or 5 years ago. My boss walked up and asked what I was listening to. Before I could stop him, he grabbed my MP3 player and read the name, "Death Cab for.." He just looked at me out of the corner of his eye and put it down slowly. I tried to explain that they are not some crazy death metal band, but he had already stopped listening to me. Dang you, Death Cab, for having a weird name but having awesome music.

Another one said:
Some years ago, Death Cab & the Dismemberment Plan went on tour together. It was fun telling people about going to the Death and Dismemberment concert.


#1 THANKS Christie!

#2 Do any of you guys like any bands that, because of their name, you hate to tell people like parents, grandparents, people at church, that you really like?


Poor Jovie!

She was so tired and she was not feeling well! And she did not have her nap. So, she covered up with the dog bed and fell asleep! Then she would wake up enough to grump at whoever was around her and then go back to sleep! I tried to move her to somewhere more comfy and she went back to the floor to her dog bed. Crazy goose! This was a few weeks ago. Today she is sick again. Poor girl may have her momma's ears and need tubes again.


The curse of the American Idol Finale...

Last year the power went out during the American Idol Finale!

This year, I checked the Media Center on the computer at around 7:45 to make sure the computer was all set to record it! Yep! No problems there! We were putting furniture together and putting kids to bed, so we did not get to settle in until 8:35. Levi says he does not see where the computer is recording and sure enough... not recording! And he still seems to not believe me that I checked and it did say it would record! I have it on "record series" for Pete's sake! I have not had to press a button to have to record it in weeks! But I always check because I do not like to miss my Idol!

So, I missed the first 2 rounds, saw the last song! I will catch up tomorrow on you tube! Saw some clips tonight. I voted for Kris anyway. A lot! I am so biased he could have come out and sung like crap and I still would have probably voted for him! So, I voted while reading a book, while sitting outside the babies door periodically saying "Jovie, get back in bed"!

So, I have the American Idol Finale curse! Power Outage, Messed up Computer... I wonder what will be in store next year! And you better believe I will be checking every time to make sure So You Think You Can Dance is actually recording. Especially since I will watch those over and over!

It seemed like just another day...

My to-do list:

-Pester real estate agent about why I have yet to get a closing date
-Look up "big girl" beds on IKEA.com because it may be time to do the big girl bed thing
-Order things for the shop

Not the kind of day you get super excited about... until...

You realise...


That always brightens my day! Tuesday become not just another day when I realize it is American Idol night! It sort of brightens my spirits and gives me something to look forward to that night!

And after American Idol will I despair that it is over?!?

I say unto you... NO... for then comes the time of the So You Think You Can Dance and there shall be MUCH rejoicing and calling of the Katie to swoon over those that dance very well!

So... 2 questions for you:

Do you have a show that when you realise it is "[insert show here] day" it automatically brightens your day?

And who do you want to win American Idol?
(only if you watch it)

Who do I love and will probably vote for like a 12-year-old (which I have done these past 2 weeks because dang it... I will not be the one who causes him to lose):


I would buy his album! He is my kind of music! He reminds me of Jason Mraz, whom I adore! And of Glen Phillips from Toad the Wet Sprocket (my first musical love)! I love the guys with the acoustic guitars! So, I added some of his stuff! Enjoy and vote!

I love to watch Adam Lambert perform, but usually he just frustrates me with his

arrangements or makes me laugh with his melow-dramatic ways!


Ruby-doo's Birthday!

Better late than never! Here are the pictures from Ruby's birthday party! Since we did not do presents, she went to Monkey Joes for her birthday! Well, actually the day after her birthday because Wednesdays is 1/2 price at Monkey Joes!

She dressed up as a princess for her party with her favorite flower in her hair!

Everybody with their party blowers lined up for Ruby's meal of choice: Hot dogs, baked beans, and macaroni and cheese!

Twisty straws too... just for fun! And Lettie and Silas dressed up too! Silas got out his Spider Man mask!

There were also party poppers! The kids love those! The rule was you had to yell Happy Birthday and pop them on Ruby... just not too close!

The group with the cake picture... uh, oh... does daddy have a suprise?...


The after-reaction! Most are laughing, but I love Jovie's face! She was not scared or impressed! See the confetti hanging from the streamers?

My pretty birthday girl and her cake! I can not bear to get them absolutely nothing, so I do put something special on their cake! Ruby wanted a princess cake, so she got her own birthday princess crown! Hooray Wal-marts bridal section!

The king and his two princesses! After the cake we watched Enchanted. They had not seen it yet! They liked it a lot!

Time for some fun at Monkey Joes!

Me and Callie going down the huge slide! I love her little petrified face! After that she would go up and down it all by herself! She is a brave little critter... but she is still scared for you to lift her even a little bit above your head! Weird girl...

See Callie at the very top... fearless! & Ruby jumping!

The curls going up and the curls going down! I LOVE the curls going down picture!


Addis Under Construction

I said I was going to write more on our trip during the last week. And frankly, I got busy. But I think I will intermix posts about our trip with posts about just life in general and then one day I will hopefully succeed in showing you our whole trip!
This post may only interest some. But I thought it was fascinating!
Addis Ababa is growing by leaps and bounds! They are in the process of building some beautiful tall buildings. Although many of them are still under construction, I look forward to going there in the future and seeing the finished product! The city is growing at such a rate that the electrical grid can not keep up so they have rolling blackouts now and then and certain sections of the city have sceduled time where they know they will not have electricity.
The thing that fascinated me was their method of construction. They did not have the big machinery you see in the United States. Everything is done with very primitive construction methods, yet the finished product is very modern and you would never know that the modern building you are visiting was built with this type of scaffolding:
All the scaffolding is made from thin trees and sticks tied together with rope. If you look at the top of the building you will see a very simple elevator.
The next picture is of a man who was working on the addition they were adding to the hotel we were in. There was no one else on site. Just him and a hammer with a ax blade on one end widdling a scaffolding stick down to size. No big machines. A lot of hand tools.
Here is the addition he was working in.
There were no bulldozers that I saw. When we first arrived at Addis, when I saw this following scene I quickly got out my camera and snapped a picture. 10 men doing the work of a bulldozer. The picture does not do it justice. Dirt was flying and it amazed me how quickly they filled up that hole!

Here is a picture from the 12th floor of our hotel looking down on the contruction site. The men were sawing the rebar with hand saws. I saw them pouring the concrete a few days later. They would make it on the ground in a small mixer (no concrete trucks) and send it up in a bucket with a crane. Fascinating to watch.
The electrician bending his poles with an old bucket of hot coals.
Anyway, I know this post will not appeal to the majority. But coming from a contruction, big equiptment, concrete background... I found the whole thing really fascinating! It is amazing what great things are built through simple means!