Back to Blogging...

I have missed blogging. I really have. I have just been so darn busy!

So... I am back!

I am in more of a routine now and sometimes I have down-time at work. If I have down-time at home I will post pics of the kids and talk about family stuff. If I have down-time at work, you will probably get blogs on just funny stuff, deep thoughts stuff, life-in-general stuff.

So... here if my first little tid-bit now that I am back in the bloggin world... an article about paying for your kids college. Here it is...


I was so excited about this article because:

#1 It made me feel less guilty and bad about not having funds set up for all my kids. I have 7 kids and about 50% of people who find this out, the first thing they say is, "How are you going to pay for college for all those kids?" And I am not exaggerating! I hear that A LOT! (The other 50% of the people say something like, "Are you crazy?" first, THEN they ask how I am going to pay for their college).

#2 There is no way I can afford 7 college funds for 7 kids that are only 7 years apart! PLUS missions. Do I hope that my business will take-off and I can help ou?t... of course! But for now do I have the $ to put aside even $50 a month per kids for college fund? Nope! Do I feel bad about it? A bit... slightly guilty and inadequate when I get the before-mentioned comments in #1!

#3 Would I rather have just had 2 or 3 kids and had college funds for them all? Well, you know the answer to that one!

#4 Will my kids suffer because they do not have college funds? Yes... sort of. They will have to work in college. Did I? Yes. Did I have to? No. Was it good for me? Absolutely. Do I hope they qualify for scholarships? Please Please Please!

#5 Do I feel my kids have to go to college to be successful? No. If they are cut out to go to college I will encourage them and help where I can. I loved my college years. But my ultimate goal is for them to be happy, hard-working, productive adults who have in joy in where they ended up. And I think being a mechanic, plumber, mom, nurse, assistant, burger flipper is just fine, as long as they are happy in what they do.

So, this article made me feel a lot better!

Do you have anything that as a parent you fell guilty about doing or not doing? Have you every had a article, comment, incident that made you feel better about it?


I'm Famous!!!

A lady came into the store saying she worked for Fox Charlotte and asked if I would be interested in any advertising. I told her a little bit about us and she thought it might be a nice human interest story. She said she would leave a note for their producer and I thought that was that. Well, that was the last I heard about it until a news crew showed up at the shop today!!!

I was so excited!!! The only thing is I was SO not prepared, had very little sleep the night before, had been running MAJOR errands ALL morning, and I know I was a disheveled mess. My feet were killing me, all my makeup had been sweated off, my hair was in disarray... but I swallowed my pride and had a great time shooting and interviewing for the 10pm news!!!

Some of my bestest regulars came in and it was great! At first no one was coming in. I said, "I swear people come! Just for some reason no one is here now!" In the 15 minutes after they left about 15 people came in.

I hope this brings in some more business! No matter what it was a blast to do!