Nolan made the Chess Club!

Yes, I am now the proud mom of a Chess Club Geek!

The thing is, he had to earn it! At his school, since chess club is during school time around lunch, you can not just join. You have to write an essay and then pass a skills test. He wrote his essay a few times until it was just right. He practiced his skills; with me, on the computer, or by studying his skills sheet. He said he felt he did well on the test, but we had not heard if he made it for awhile. I knew how much he wanted it, so I was hoping there was a delay and it was not that he just did not realize he had not made it.

So I am very proud of his effort and dedication!

He starts next Monday and we have been playing each other. I am REALLY bad a chess! I am impressed because he can just about beat me and he is really good about thinking ahead and planning out his moves! Fun stuff!

And he lost another tooth last night. I swear he loses teeth right and left! I was so worried before because all his friends were losing teeth and he had not lost any. Now they are practically falling out of his head! And he is really good about letting me know, letting them get a good amount of loose, and then letting me take a string and just pop the sucker out! I can not stand a dangally tooth!


So You Think You Can Dance is back on tonight!!!

So You Think You Can Dance is back on tonight!!!
So You Think You Can Dance is back on tonight!!!
So You Think You Can Dance is back on tonight!!!
So You Think You Can Dance is back on tonight!!!
So You Think You Can Dance is back on tonight!!!

A friend told me she was afraid it would be too much So You Think You Can Dance...
I say...
Is there such a thing?!?
So, in celebration, here is my favorite group dance by my favorite choreographer,
Wade Robson! He performs in this one and he won an emmy for it!

And just for fun, here is a cool performace Wade Robson did on Dancing With the Stars and then for extra awesomeness I added Joel McHale's take on it:

What you doin' Joel McHale?


Bob! We found an affordable boat option for you...

fail owned pwned pictures
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Courtesy of Failblog!

The amazing thing is that it is registered and everything!

2 Little Rascals!

First, Baby Mermaid... aka Jovie! This last week she has decided she is "Baby Mermaid"... not Jovie. And Lettie is "Mommy Mermaid". So, when she is calling for Mommy, is she calling for me... nope. Lettie! The other night she was not going to sleep and was instead standing at the gate outside her room yelling, "Mommy! Wake up! Mommy! Mommy Mermaid! Wake up!" Nope, she was not looking for me, she was looking for her Mommy Mermaid. I ask her if I was her mommy and she says, "Nope! You not my mommy! Mommy Mermaid is my mommy! You Lettie!" Sigh...

After this weekend in the mountinas she is ready to claim me again. So she is calling me mommy again, but she still calls Lettie "Mommy Mermaid".

The next few blog posts will have some of our mountain pics! This is how I found Jovie one afternoon; In her "Baby Mermaid" hat, eating watermelon... her way!
Then that night Callie said she was hungry so my mom gave her a piece of bologna and cheese, but she did not want the bread. A few minutes later we found a

Callie, Bologna, & Cheese Sandwich...

She never just eats lunch meat, she plays with it first! I forgot to warn my mom! Just today she had a piece of ham and she folded it about 10 different ways before tearing it into little pieces and eating it. She is really into folding things lately. Paper, lunch meat, clothes, towels, anything... I need to put her on laundry duty!


I'm Compelled... It is an addiction!

A little over a year ago my fabulous Mother in Law, Linda, got a Webkinz for Lettie. She LOVED it! It was a black pony named Lettie (yes, it is a junior) and she sleeps with it even now! Then she got a bullfrog for Nolan, which he named Froggy. He sleeps with his as well!

For those not familiar with Webkinz, they are stuffed animals that come with a tag and a code and with that code you get to "adopt" your pet in Webkinz world, build a house for them, buy them clothes, play games with them, and what-not. You get 1 small room and $10,000 "Kinz Cash" to start, but does the Kinz Cash last long... no! So... to earn Kinzcash you have to play games and do jobs. If you do a job you can not do another for another 8 hours. Since I am a mom who hates to disapoint her kids (which is genetic, I swear), I ended up getting hooked on some of the games and checking the clock for when 8 hours was up so I could do a job and help them buy the pony and froggy a room or a bed or a bathtub or a stove, or food. If they were hungry they would look all sad and if you had no money you had to earn money to feed them.

This was fun because me and the kids did it together!


Then I found myself playing when they were not even around. They have some great games on there.

Now they still play with them, but not so much. But... I still have this weird compulsion to play some of the jobs to earn money. The thing is, there are only 3 I like to do: Gem mining, Kinzpost Sorting, and Flooring. The other thing is I am totally obcessed with the Kinzpost sorting. I get excited when I see it available (because they switch the jobs around). The jobs available change every hour, so sometimes I will skip an hour to see if it is available next hour. If it is not, sometimes I will just settle for one of my other 2.

Now the Webkinz are rich!!! The boys (because all the boys have one now and they share an account) have almost $100,000 and the girls have $40,000. And they rarely play. I just am compelled now to keep racking up this Kinzcash. I have even considered getting one just for me... shhh.

Do, I now confess my weird compulsion. So you have any weird compulsions?

Love the Failblog.org!

When you have nothing better to do, the Fail Blog is great! Basically it has a lot of pictures of people, well... Failing. So, check it out sometime!

The thing is, some things are quite crude. But the nice thing is that FailBlog.org has a place at the top of the page where you can choose to just view the "Rated G" fails... as to prevent seeing anything that might make you giggle with embarrassment.

So, since it is a slow night at work, and since I have been here since 8am and it is now 8pm and I was pooped at 7 when I woke up but I have not had a rest since, and since I have a worker here and I am paying her so I might as well make her work while I blog, here is my favorite FailBlog of the week:
fail owned pwned pictures
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