Now for the craziness!

(First off... go to the bottom of the page and turn off the awesome music or you will miss the cute girls talking! It is all the way at the bottom of the page and all you have to do is press pause!)

I finally got Jovie to stay in front of the camera... some-what! So, although this video features both of the girls, it showcases some of Jovie's craziness! First off, she speaks very well for a little one! She can say just about anything when she puts her mind to it! I love to hear her say "Oliver"! She also is amazing at getting in and out of her crib!!! So, with the camera rolling, you too can see her glide in and out of her crib very efforlessly! So at night I put a gate in the doorway so she can not get out without us knowing, but in general once she is put to bed, she goes on to sleep! Every once in awhile I will see her peeking out the door and I will tell her to go back to bed and she shuts the door and puts herself back in her crib! She is the most independent kid in the world! Then of course their is Callie and all her curl-bouncing cuteness!!! They are so different, yet so alike! They love each other and take care of each other! If one gets candy, she makes sure that the other gets candy as well! They fight sometimes, but only for a moment before they are running, jumping, dancing, and playing together again! Mostly they just love each other! I could not imagine one without the other!

Are you ready for some cuteness?!

I really does not get much cuter than this! This video mainly features Callie! We get a kick out of her "jumps" because she dips SO LOW and then when she springs up she gets very little height, but she always has the hugest smile on her face and her curls bounce! It does not get much cuter than that! I also love Callie's "flip" attempt! So much build up with very little result... haha! Then she lays down on the rug because the rug is new and the rug is soft and they love their rug! And she loves spinning... but then she always makes herself dizzy! Jovie does not even care to make the attempt! It is hard to keep Jovie on camera because she just wants to look at the screen and see herself on camera! Anyway... enjoy the cuteness! I have one more video of cuteness coming up!


A Picasso or A Lettie?

My Lettie is not the best color-er in the world! So, when she came home with this picture I was shocked! I looked at it and saw a woman, but I thought maybe I was just interpreting her scribbles too much... like looking at the clouds and picking out pictures. But then when I asked her she chirped: "I drew YOU mommy!" So, check out Lettie's interpritation of me:

The funny thing is I have quite a.... ummm... chest! I like how I am wearing a little dress! The scan cut off the hands and feet, but they are very daintily set to the side! I seriously love it and think I am going to frame it somewhere upstairs!

So here she is...
Lettie: my little budding modern artist!

Here she is giving me a tutorial on how to fly! She was VERY serious about it! And, according to her, the positioning of the wings is VERY important! She is a crazy little Princess Teenie!