Callie's Birthday #3 (And final)

The cake (which will have its own blog post later if I remember)!
The decorations!

The birthday dinner! For their birthday, the kids get to pick their favorite meal! So, for Callie the choice was easy... HOT DOGS!

Chowing down!

Who would have thought she would be so thrilled by a cheap stuffed rat?!

And of course... balls! She loves balls! And she throws balls!

Opening presents requires total concentration!

Finger puppets... oh boy! There are a ton of them and she brings them up to me with one finger in the air ready for me to put them on her!

Although Jovie helped wrap the presents and knew what was in them, it was a TRAGETY that she was not opening them!

Jovie claiming the horse in Callie's barn set for herself! Callie and Lettie were really cute later that night. Each had a mom and baby set of the animals from the barn and were playing. Callie had the horses and Jovie had the sheep and Lettie had the cows!

See the ball... balls are for throwing... all the time! Even in parking lots on windy days... but that is another story entirely!

Thanks Miss Carrie and Nana Sky!
And boy was this present wrapped well!!!
She thoroughly enjoyed opening it!

Clothes for the little fashionista!

Jovie still devastated... she was VERY tired!

Jovie got to help with Callie's last present! A pop-up tent!

And of course she had to take her clothes with her! She gathered up every piece of clothing her little arms could carry and brought them into the tent!

A failed attempt at getting dressed!
She was in the tent trying to put the shorts on herself... in her tent! She ended up with both legs in one hole and waddled out of the tent trying to walk! It was so cute!
Woo hoo! Another $2 for my collection!

Cake time! Silas with a messy cake face!

Modeling her new dress! She loved it! She would not let me take it off when she went to bed! She cuddled up to her new "cheese" in her new dress and fell right to sleep! She was so tired!

Because Callie thinks the most fun part of the birthday is blowing out the candles... I re-lit them a bunch of times and let her blow them out! Before she could blow them out she had to sing "Happy Birthday" to herself! "Happy Birthday Callie!" Then she also started to sing happy birthday to someone else, but we never figured out who! Here is a pic and a lot of video!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Callie's favorite song (besides Jason Mraz songs)

... Happy Birthday to you!

She looks a little dazed... I think she was getting tired! But she thoroughly enjoyed it and liked her "Happy to you"... in other words, her cake! Anytime she sees cake she calls them "Happy to Yous"! At the end of the video I ask her is she is ready for cake and of course she corrects me by saying "Happy to you!"

Happy Birthday Callie #1

Today my baby is 2!!! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday she was born! And she has grown to be such a vibrant, beautiful, funny, and crazy girl!

Since I took a lot of pictures and want to share as many as possible I will post pictures of her birthday in segments!

Segment #1: For her birthday I wanted to do something special with her and Jovie while the kids were all in school. So we went to her favorite place, Chuck E. Cheese's or "Cheese's" as she calls it! Since Levi is not back at work yet he came too and the girls really enjoyed the attention!

Note: My sister, April, likes to tease me that my blog is very Callie heavy! So I must let you know, yes, I often do post about her more than the other kids, but this is also the way I communicate pictures to her birth family... so yes, my blog is very Callie heavy!

Callie's favorite part of Chuck E. Cheese's... the carousel! She likes to ride over and over again! We always go around 9am. (I think a lot of people do not realize that it is open then and often we have the whole place to ourselves. People come in at 10am thinking that is when they open.) So, she can ride as much as she wants. If we ever go when it is crowded, she will often still park herself on the carousel and ride while someone else is putting coins in for their kids! The moral of the story: if you ever can not find Callie at Chuck E. Cheese's... check the carousel!

Jovie and Callie on the virtual reality ride! They loved it!

Callie's 2nd favorite ride, the clock!

I was letting Callie play the Big Win Super Spin game. All you do is put a coin in, pull a lever, and press a giant red button. You can win 3 tickets, 8 tickets, souvenir coins, cotton candy, ice cream, or the super bonus of 250 tickets. I have tried to get the 250 tickets, but when I try I usually end up with the 3 tickets from either side of the 250 tickets light. So now I just let the girls press the button whenever and come what may! Well, today I was not even looking and Callie pressed the button and the bells started ringing...


Since no one else was there, I thought it would be a good time to take the girls into the tubes! I crawled all through the tubes on my hands and knees and am realizing how old I am! We get to a good place for Levi to take a picture and as soon as he touched the camera Callie and Jovie take off through the tubes and down the slide leaving me stranded!
Jovie on the horse ride! She rode it 3 or 4 times in a row yelling "Go horse! Yee Haw!"

Levi got really into the Deal or No Deal Game...

I don't know if it was because of the tickets he was winning, or the Deal or No Deal models!

Callie flying high!

We had a good time! We are cheap Chuck E. Cheese goers. We always have a coupon for Buy 1 Get 1 free tokens and we bring our Chuck E. Cheese cups to refill! And we had over 500 tickets! Callie got a stuffed Chuck E. Cheese and she love it! She calls it her "Cheese" and has been carrying it around all day! Right now she is cuddled up with him fast asleep! She has had a busy day!


Welcome to the Salon de Mommy!

This post could also be titled:
Fun with a Flat Iron!

Sunday morning, I gave all the girls a bath and did their hair! They all visited the Salon de Mommy for a blow dry and style! They were very proud and all went downstairs to model for the daddy! The blow dryer straightened Callie's curls out a little bit... but she enjoyed the blow dry treatment so much I thought it might be fun that night to see if she would sit long enough to take her hair style to the next level!

Ever wondered what the Curly Cal looks like without the... curls?
Prepare yourself! It is hilarious!
Callie at the Salon de Mommy!

She was so tickled to get her hair done! It was so cute! Look at that smile!Straightening her hair really makes the blond stand out! It really does not show in the picture, but in the light her hair is quite blond when her curls are casting shadows!

The finished product: Tah-dah!
Her hair is so thick it looks like I teased her hair out, like those little girls in the beauty pageants! I love her face in this picture!
Look how long her hair is! You never realize how long her hair is because the curls are so tight and springy!
A view of the back!
Callie had Paparazzi during her photo shoot! Jovie saw me taking pictures so she went and got her camera too! She was very upset that it was not taking pictures like mine!
Ready for her close up!
The two big sisters needed to get in on the picture taking action too! They are really close! I hope they are always best friends!

Callie making me have a pretend conversation with "GG"! Yep, she still says she is "GGs girl"!
It did not take long for them to zonk out! And boy... 2 babies asleep on you is HOT!
Just looking at these pics makes me sleepy! Speaking of sleepy, it is 11:30! I better go to bed! Hope you enjoyed the pics!