An 11pm Bath!

Levi and I were finishing up watching a movie at around 11pm when we heard what sounded like a herd of elephants upstairs. I thought it was one of the older kids stumbling around trying to find the bathroom in their half-asleep/half-awake state! Then suddenly the thumping came down the stairs and around the corner pops Callie with her curls sticking up a mile high and a big smile on her face. I wish I could have captured that moment. We were shocked to see that it was such a little girl making such a big noise. She has unusually large feet for a little one, so her steps are a lot less light than other toddlers.

Anyway, she has been really bad about not sleeping through the night and trying to get in our bed in the middle of the night. So she probably woke up, saw we were downstairs, and figured that was the next best place to be! The problem is, she had one request... a bath! And every time she would mention it, I would say "No honey, it is 11 at night" and she would cry, but then come back and request a bath again. She was so tired and out of her head, so I decided to grab the camera and get a snap shot of how sad the thought of her mom not giving her a bath at 11pm made her! That girl loves a bath, and there is nothing I like more than watching her enjoy a bath... but NOT at 11 at night!

So, here she is! My sweet little bath loving girl!

She is speaking a lot more now and Ruby was giving one of her famous English Speaking Lessons to her today! She would ask her to repeat everyones name, but they all came out sounding like "No, No" no mater what name Ruby said... but you could tell she was trying! She says fish "bish" and bath is "bap"! It is so cute I have a hard time not referring to it as a "Bap" now!


Already Looking Forward to Next Year!

So, we went to The Cheesecake Factory and ate a HUGE appetizer plate until our eyeballs just about popped! I got a Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake! I realized I forgot the tickets, but they said with my ID I could get them at the Will-call window. We get there and I realize (or think I realize) I left my ID and Credit Card in the van, so I run back and panic when I can not find them just to realize I left it all in my purse with Katie. But we find a bathroom without a line a mile long, settle into our seats, and we soak in the show! It was great! It is always great! And I hated for it to end! It could have been twice as long and I would have happily sat in my seat and watched it all! Some dances were even better live than on TV!

The only sad thing is it is going to be a whole other year until it comes around again! :::cry:::

We ran into Sabina's friend Lindsey there and her sister Ashley, so we got to get to know them while waiting for the performers to come out (we were there for over 2 hours before we met everybody)!

So, here are my pics!

The grand entrance!
Introducing the dancers!

Explaining 4-Real!
Where's Carington?
The comic relief of the night!
Bollywood! This one was awesome!
Group Mia Michaels number!
The door dance! Right before the kiss!
The door dance again! I love this shot!
Striking a final pose!
Saying Farewell!
The last number!
This is Mark. He is my favorite! And he is not Katie's favorite! He came by and after the pic I told him I could go home now because I met my favorite, but I had to now wait around for Katie's favorite. So basically, I told him he was not Katie's favorite! But come on... it was midnight, I had very little sleep the night before, and I just don't think strait under those conditions!
Chelsea T. was super sweet and we were happy to see her on the tour!
Katee & Katie!
Comfort was so nice and she had an awesome solo! She also did a number with Twitch that was awesome! She is truly an awesome hip-hop dancer!
We love Twitch! He is such a nice guy and a dynamic dancer! His solo was spectacular! I wish I could have gotten a Twitch shirt, but for $30...no way!
Thayne and Joshua signing autographs in the rain, and boy was it raining! You can see the big drops in the pic!
Courtney! She is a pretty little thing! I wish I could move like her. I tried out her "The Garden" dance move in line, but I just don't pull it off!
The resident Mormon! There is always at least one and we had to ask because with 3 people from Utah in the show, we knew one had to be Mormon! It was cute because when we asked she proudly said, "I am VERY Mormon!" Woo-hoo! Go LDS!
Thayne. He is cheesy, but nice!

Yeah Gev! Because of Gev I often catch my kids trying to do hand stands and break dancing moves behind my back!

It started to rain! It was big HUGE drops! Here is Katie and Lindsey's reaction!
OK... I was not going to kiss anyone this year! I really wasn't! But then Josh was the last person we met and I thought, "Heck! Why break tradition?" So on the spurt of the moment when the first flash went off on the camera I turned and made my move!!! His cheek was very soft... haha!
I got Mark to sign my arm! Just because! And because it makes Levi roll his eyes at me!


Have you ever heard of Phil Spektor?

He is a music producer, a songwriter, is known for being very eccentric, and is also known for bring on trial for the murder of a 40 year old nightclub hostess. While on trial, you would often see him on the news looking like this:

Like I said, he is eccentric! I tell you about this in order to show you a Phil Spektor look-alike:

Ruby decided to brush Callie's hair after her bath this morning! Brushing curly hair without product is never a good idea! So she went around the house this morning looking like a mini-Phil Spektor! So, of course I had to take a picture! I added some product, but it still did not help... good thing her hair is long enough to pull back!!!

So, do your kids resemble any celebrities?

Today is the Day...

I have been waiting for since July.... well, actually since last year!

So You Think You Can Dance
Today is the day that Katie and I go see So You Think You Can Dance Live... and boy, oh, boy am I excited! This is our 3rd year going. The first year we all met everybody from the show and that was a blast. The second year Colin got sick and Katie and Sabina had to leave early, so I met them by myself, which was not as fun, but I got some goofy pictures from it. So this year I am just praying for a non-fussy-Ollie! We will be missing Sabina terribly this year! But hopefully we can have her back next year!
So, in celebration of going today, here are some of my favorite dances from this year:

And here are some pictures from last year, just for fun!

And here is the pictures from the 2nd season (the first season they did the tour)!

(This one is known as the pic that got Sabina in trouble!)


1st Grade Poetry 101

So... Nolan has been learning about Poetry in his class. Since them he has been all about making Acrostic Poems, where you use the first letters in a word to convey an idea. Kind of like Emerald Nuts:

Those commercials always crack me up! I like that "nutty" kind of humor! Get it! Haha!

So, Nolan has been coming up with a lot of these. Here is his most recent Acrostic poem:


N- Nutty
O- Oatmeal
L- Loves
A- Active
N- Nolan

At least someone, or should I say something, likes it when Nolan is active!

And then for good measure here is an Emerald Nut commercial that has nothing to do with Acrostic Poetry just because I think this one is hilarious!

Beware of the Addicted to Love women! They are brutal!


Eyeballing Game

So, I found this game through AOL and it is right up my alley. It was a lot of fun to try! I did it twice. The first time I scored a 6.00 and the second time I scored a 4.04! So, if you have some time to spare (aka waste) check it out and let me know how you did!


I did not realize it until afterwards that this is from a Woodworking site... so that makes sense why they have a game to see how well you can eyeball centers. I wonder if Ashley's Roy would be good at this! (For those who don't know, my dad is also Roy, so he has to be referred to as Ashley's Roy to avoid confusion... but it just ends up sounding like she owns him... so my apologies to Roy)!

Pay it Forward!

Not to blow my own horn, but to illustrate the Pay it Forward thing...

The other day I was at the grocery store and it was not until I was rung up that I realized I forgot my credit card, but I did have cash... whew! So I count up my cash and was $1 short. The nice guy behind me gave my a $1. I told him I could pay him back in the parking lot but he would not hear of it! So I told him I would pay it forward.

A couple weeks later I am at the grocery store and the lady in front of me is holding $20 and counting in her head how much everything is adding up to as the cashier was ringing her up. Once she got down to the last 3 items, she would have the cashier see how much the total was before ringing up the next item so she would not go over. She ended up being able to buy everything except flower. She was not buying anything impractical and from the looks of things she was trying to make ends meet. So as she was loading her cart I had the cashier ring up the flower on my ticket and handed it to her. She thanked me and the cashier kept saying how nice I was for doing it. I probably would have done it regardless... but she kept going on and on about how nice I was that I just said "I had to do it because I was given money in a pinch and I promised to pay it forward!" (Side note: I went out in the parking lot and saw the lady drive away in an older beaten up car. If she drove away in a fancy new car I would have still been happy I did it, but it meant a little more knowing she needed it).

Fast forward to today! I go to Chick-fil-a to get a milkshake at 9:15 this morning because I have issues. Really... a milkshake at 9:15! That just shows I am a sugar-aholic! I go to pay and the cashier said "The lady in front of you payed for your order and said 'God Bless You'!" Karma! How awesome is that!!! I felt a little guilty because frankly I did not NEED a milkshake at 9 in the morning, but I am an emotional eater and I have been on a roller coaster. So, she bought my "medicine" for me!!! I did not get to thank her, but how sweet is that!

And the cool thing is:

TAG... I'm it!

I am on the hunt to pay it forward now!!! So hopefully sometime soon the universe will bring me in someone's path to do something spontaneously nice for them as well!!! It is Christmas, so there should be some good opportunities that come up! I can wait for it to find me or I can seek it out.This time I may seek it out!

So just thought I would write a little happy post about happy things!!! I think I need to make a goal to do something spontaneously nice for someone every day. It is hard and some days it may only involve my family (because some days I do not get out much), but what a neat thing to reflect on at the end of the day. Like the hymn says, "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?" And it does not have to be huge. Like it says "Have I cheered up the sad or made someone feel glad?"


Spoke Too Soon...

So, apparently my dad's cancer is the aggresive kind. So, although the doc still thought it was a Stage I or II a few weeks ago, it is now a stage III and they are doing tests to make sure it is not a Stage IV (which would involve the bone marrow). So, start your prayers again. It is going to be a long bumpy road.


This was on Christie's Blog...

and I could not resist!

After my surgery I finally picked up these book and could not put them down! LOVED LOVED LOVED them and am trying my best to keep myself from reading them all over again! I even read the little bit of Midnight Sun that was on the internet! I can not wait for the movie to come out! If they have a midnight showing I am so there because I am a nerd like that!

I'm a Esme! I found out through TwilightersAnonymous.com. Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!


The Political World According to Nolan...

Sometimes you vote for the wrong person because you forget the one you were told to vote for, sometimes people try to play tricks on you if you show them your vote, maybe George Washington should be on the ballot, maybe it will all turn out OK no matter who is elected, and maybe water-fountains should have candy in them (just don't tell the teachers). I don't think I am a big fan of his communal huge toilet platform though. But I am not a fan of McCain's health care plan either... so I suppose with anyone you can not win them all! If only it was as simple as a check mark and a piece of paper in a bucket!

Enjoy the Political World According to Nolan!

Why I Am Voting McCain...

I get 3 calls a day at least from candidates. I can not escape this stupid election. So, I figured I would do one and only one blog post about it. Not trying to get too political or anything! And if you are tired of this politics mess... skip this post. I will not be offended!

Truly I am torn about this election. There is a lot of things I like about Barack Obama... but everyone has their "platforms" in their life. The things you believe in, the things you champion. I suppose mine would be obvious... adoption! And part of that comes with a staunch anti-abortion/pro-life stance. I can not vote for a candidate who in any way is pro-choice. So even if there are some things I like about Obama... I can not vote for him because MILLIONS of children are killed every year... not fetuses... children! And he is very liberally pro-choice. I remember once telling someone at work about a teen that just found out she was pregnant, to which this person responded without hesitation, "Are you going to help her get rid of it?" I went cold! "It?" "IT?!" Were we "its" when we grew in our mother's belly? This was not an it... this was a potential sweet child that may grow up to be an amazing, sweet, loving person. Or... maybe a law breaking person who never leaves the ghetto. But why is that my choice to make? It is the child's choice to make and I don't think anyone, even the mother carrying the child, is allowed to make that choice for them. This child already had a beating heart. I saw it! I was not going to encourage this person to get an abortion just to make the statistics better, a child is worth more than that!

I am sure happy Callie's mom did not see her as an "it"!!! To be blunt...Think of it... MILLIONS of potential Callie's killed every year! MILLIONS! It should make headlines... should be the headline of the papers daily. It is murder on a daily basis and people look the other way. I know it seems twisted to think that way, but it is true. Callie blesses not only our lives, but also the lives of her biological family! I wish people could see that. See how beautiful adoption can be and how ugly abortion is! Most pro-choice people would have thought abortion was a fine option for Callie's bio mom, maybe even the preferable choice (why be pregnant when you don't have to be) but I am grateful on a daily basis that she knew better... Callie would not be here otherwise... I repeat... Callie would not be here otherwise! And could you imagine that little curly ball of sunshine not here on this Earth?

That is why I am voting for McCain. That is why I have to be republican. Unfortunately, I do not think Republicans can abolish Abortion. There are too many people on the other side. But they can keep laws in place to keep the terrible practice of late-term abortions from happening and hopefully encourage the teaching of abstinence.

Anyway, a friend of mine put a link to a YouTube clip of a guy who says it better than I do in case you are interested in watching it. He makes some really good points and he says exactly what I feel far better than I could. But again, if you are not interested in this political mumbo-jumbo I would not be offended if I had no comments!

As I am Typing This...

Ruby is teaching Jovie English!

She is saying, "Say Grandma, Say Grandpa, Say Granny, Say Yellow, Say Dog..." And everytime Jovie says it she says "Good Job Jovie!" And Jovie is actually being a really good student!

I just think it is funny to hear Ruby teaching Jovie to speak in her thick African accent! I wonder if Jovie will learn to roll her "R"s as she grows older! She already sings "Sine Sine Sine Kubaya!"


Little Orphan Annie!

Since Callie's hair is in the perfect Annie shape right now and will never be this short again, I had to take advantage of it! I did not know how I was going to do it until I realized she had a red dress that she was almost too big for! After a little cut and sew job she turned into the perfect Annie! Everyone thought she was SO cute! And she was! She would go to the door and in her little toddler voice say "Tick or Teet!" and "Thank You!" The first house she got a small box of Mike N Ikes and spent most of the night clinging to that little box of candy like her life depended on it! She loved trick or treating and was the cutest little curly red head! Something else that was funny about her is every time she would see Jovie for the first 15 minutes after she got her make-up on, Callie would just point at her and scream!

Callie pre-hair spray! Such a cute happy girl so proud of her costume!

Oh my goodness... my hair is RED!

Posing with her Sandy!

As Jovie wouls say "Silly Callie!"

Such a ham!

She saw Silas doing the Spiderman hands, so she did the Spiderman hands too! I think she did a great job!

I was trying to get a picture of them together, but Callie kept just screaming towards Jovie! Here she is looking at Jovie and screaming!
...Still Screaming!

Sitting with our inflateable spider pointing at the inflatable cat that moves it's head back and forth! I think it spooked her a little bit and she did not want to move!

Callie with her Mike N Ikes

Happy Halloween!