Been a long time...

I know I know! I am still here! Just insanely busy! In a good way! Business is going well for only having been open for about 10 days!

It is fun for me to sell Snoballs. It makes people happy and I have a lot of regulars already. So I feel like I am making a lot of new friends. My staff is great and I make a nice looking Snoball now (when it is not insanely busy, which seems to only happen when family and close friends stop by)! So they see me running back and forth like a chicken with it's head cut off. I like when it keeps me on my toes though. It means I am making money! And it is fun! Good times!

We are not rolling in it, but we are not doing bad either! I need more people to come so I can give my workers more hours.

I added some cute pics to the website so it is getting better!

I will try to make time to blog about my kids sometime, but for now I am going to get some shut eye! I worked about 70 hours last week. I am pooped!


Thanks for the input guys!

I really really appreciate it! I have taken ALL your comments and pasted them into an e-mail and e-mailed them to myself so I can get on the changes and suggestions when I get home! So they did not disappear into cyberspace... I promise!

Why did the post get deleted you may ask?

Because I had a particularly grumpy day in which I wrote particularly grumpy things, and your support and kindness brought me out of my particular grumpy mood. And I do not want people to google my business name and get an account of my "horrible no good very bad day!" Haha! Bad for business! And also customers do not need to learn too much about how crazy I am! April and Annette say I should have a shirt that says, "Would you like me to show you how to stuff it?" Haha!

Also, I do not want my business linked with my kids and my family. Safety... you know. So you will no longer hear my business name on here... it shall be referred to as "the business" or "the shop" and I will do links to the web site. Like this : Go to my site here

But if you have any things you see that need attention in my site (other than changing the whole theme, you have been warned... haha ), or have any cool marketing ideas (promotions and quirky fun ideas) feel free to let me know!!!!!! (<-- I threw in extra exclamation points for you Angela!!!)