Callie's Birthday: Part 2

After Chuck E. Cheese we went to Build-a-Bear! Callie made a bear the week before for Carrie, she wanted a bear for herself as well, but never wavered that she was making a bear for Carrie and not herself. When I asked her if she wanted to build a bear for her birthday she just kept saying, "I make another bear for Carrie". When I finally explained that she could make a bear for herself as well, she was really excited.

So... when we got to the mall... she and Jovie ran for the door. You can see the excitement in their run!

When we got to Build-a-bear Callie stopped in front of the bear to pose for a picture because that is what we did the week before. She is such a creature of habit. She even made her favorite funny face.
Callie knew what she wanted... a panda. Jovie wanted a panda too, but she did not even look down the row of bears. Then. She saw it... The PERFECT bear! I mean... LOVE... at first sight! So here she is with her bear.
Jovie getting her bear stuffed. The lady was SO nice! She was great with the kiddos!
Jovie still did not trust her... haha! She just is shy. So when they lady asked her to rub the heart and kiss it and make a wish, she just glared at her!
Callie then got her panda stuffed. Here she is giving it a test-squeeze after it being stuffed. It was just right! And seriously, this lady was the best! Every time I went in previously I had to beg the workers not to stuff the bears too much where they were hard! She had them perfectly squishy!
Callie is a great sport! She gave the heart a really good warming with her hands.
I love this picture. When Callie is unsure she cocks her head to the side like this.
Giving the heart a kiss before putting it in her panda!
While Callie was doing her thing, I looked down at Jovie. She was lovingly looking at her bear. Then she would hug it. Pull it away from her, and then lovingly look at it again. Then she gently put her bear to her face and rubbed noses with it! It was so sweet, loving, and gentle. Then when I said, "Oh! You love you bear!" She got embarrassed and then scowled at me. She does not like to show her mushy side. But it was a sweet moment! Here she is giving a loving look at her bear.
The girls giving their bears a "bath".
I am not into buying a ton of clothes for the build-a-bears. The kids don't leave them dressed anyway. But they each picked out Hello Kitty panties for their bears. Then we went to the computer and named them. Callie named her panda... well, "Panda". Jovie named her bear "My Sweetheart"! Now just "sweetheart" "MY Sweetheart". Which was really sweet for me because the week before she said she would not be my sweetheart when I asked her until I explained to her what it meant to be my sweetheart and then she insisted she was in fact my sweetheart. She kept saying, "Mom! You're my sweetheart!" So for her to name her bear Sweetheart is... well... sweet!
And since she made her, Sweetheart is never far away. She is always sleeping next to Jovie, at the breakfast table, and even at the Blue and Gold Banquet.
Silly Callie being goofy with her Panda. She loves her Panda too. But not at the same intensity as Jovie. Callie is more of a baby doll girl.
All boxed up and ready to go home!
A video of them giving their new friends a "bath". Callie cracks me up! At the end she is saying, "It's for Carrie!" She was still wanting to buy bear accessories for Carrie. We had a really good time together.

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