Why I Have Not Been Blogging Lately #1

I like to keep my blog updated... but I have been SO DARN BUSY lately!

Seriously Busy!

You know how sometimes people say "I have been busy" and you know they really have not been THAT busy?
(I am guilty of using "busy" to liberally... sometimes it means "I did not feel like it" or "I forgot" or "leave me alone for Pete's sake").

But I have been the real kind of busy! I have a list of things I have been up to to prove it. So, when I have time, I will tackle telling you about them one at a time! So I have a moment now... actually, I am putting off something else I need to do... so I will tell you about one:

So, reason for not blogging lately #1:
Started Selling Ukuleles at Aloha Snow!This sort of fell into my lap. But is a good thing for a variety of reasons. Some of which are:
-Ukes do not spoil or go bad, if I do not sell them right away, whatever. No biggie. My goal is 1 a month. I sold 3 the first month. I am 2 months ahead.
-They are like a functional decoration. Like the artwork or antiques on the wall of restaurants that you can buy. They look great, fit the theme, and you can take one home if you feel like it.
-It makes the shop even cooler than it already is!
-This is a lot of fun for me to do! I got to make a new Uke order yesterday and was absolutely giddy!
-I get to spread some Uke love to Charlotte!
-It brings in a little extra income! Fun stuff!
It took some doing to get everything rolling. It is not as simple as ordering ukuleles and hanging them on the wall. I had to hand make those Ukulele hangers (which look rad if I do say so myself. The design is a Mim original. But at the same time they are a pain in the butt to make). They look linear and industrial, and awesome! Then I had to hang them, which I did single-handedly and that is not easy and even caused me to get aggravated at those who said it could not be done. They replaced my shirts (which I need to figure out somethign else for) so that left some touch-up to be done on the wall. I needed to touch up the rest of the shop anyway. So I touched up the rest of the shop too. Then... I needed to make a web-site for my Uke stock. So I created and designed:


Which, again, I think looks awesome if I do say so myself! I use the cheapest program known to man. It is kind of like using paint for photos instead of photoshop. So, all things considered, I love the site!

I still need to set up an ebay store or ebay listings. Still working on that one and that is perhaps one of the aforementioned things I am putting off at the moment (I am SUPER tired, I was up till 1:30 last night painting and Callie slept very restless last night and yes, she ended up in our bed. I can't think strait).

So, now I sell Eleukes and Ohanas! Great Ukes!!! If ya want one, let me know, I will get ya a deal!!! Oh, and if you have any other musical needs, I am a Chesbro dealer now. So anything in their catalougue I can get for you if they have it in stock. I can even get it shipped directly to you if you want!
Tomorrow is IKEA day! HOORAY! There will be a blog post about that too because my upstairs in unrecognizable right now! Lets just say it looks flippin' awesome! Awww... yeah!


Linda, Mom and Granny said...

Lookin' good!

Olivia Carter said...

Love the ukes! So cool looking!

Way to make a profit from something you are totally interested in.

Katie said...

I love your uke hanger. Great conceptualizing and carry-out

You totally have ton going on. I admire you for it!

Angela Draper said...

Your energy level seriously amazes me. I love the Ukes! They look great. Good luck on the new venture and I so need to visit Charlotte sometime.