Thanks Granny!!!

When Levi and I went to Florida... I forgot to do Lettie's Gingerbread Man project with her!

Bad Mom!

Lettie was to take a paper cut-out of a gingerbread person and make it into anything she wanted. She wanted to do a ballerina, and I had no clue how I was going to pull it off. Luckily, I left Lettie in the very capable hands of her Granny!

When we got back, Lettie was gushing over the beautiful ballerina she got to make with Granny! Then she brought it home... and behold...
A sewn pink tutu, ballet slippers, curly hair, and a bow!!! How perfect! This was the highest quality paper gingerbread person I have ever seem! And Lettie was so proud! Granny truly has amazing sewing and crafting skills! I would have NEVER been able to pull this one off in a million years!

As Lettie would say, this ballerina is "right up her alley"!


lindsey said...

Granny really is the best. I loved having her has my mom when projects came around!

Katie said...

Just like Colin's Native American! She rocks!

Sharon said...

How cute! Audra you aren't a bad mom, just a very busy one with different talents. And Linda is one GREAT Granny! I'm sure that she loves helping the kids as much as they love her help. That's what being a grandma is all about!

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

You're Welcome!

Jamie said...

That's cute!